Loft Conversions Weybridge

Loft conversion Weybridge benefits

The main benefit of a loft conversion is that it can add value to your property.In a survey ,100 estate agents were asked the most common value adding home improvements.
There included a new kitchen, a new bathroom,a conservatory,central heating and a new driveway.Loft conversions came out on top. In fact,the increase in value was twice the cost of the loft conversion. The other main benefit is that the loft can be transformed from a storage unit to a useful room like a study or a bedroom.

Is planning permission needed for loft conversions?

Normally planning permission is not needed for most loft conversions. However,permission is required if the roof space is extended,which is not normally the case as most people merely want to change the internal layout of the loft.
Adding windows are permitted,but if you decide to add a veranda or balcony,then you are likely to need planning permission. To avoid applying for planning permission,the loft extension must not be higher than the highest point of the roof. It is also advisable to use materials that are similar to those used for the home.