Loft Conversions Kingswood

Dormer Conversions and Extensions Kingswood

Dormer conversions are characteristic in having flat sides and extending outwards from the attic roof.  In some cases they take up just a small portion of the roof area, but in others they can spend half the entire roof when it in which case they will also have two or more windows.

Dormer for bungalows Kingswood
Dormers are particularly popular for people who live in bungalows because due to the fact they extend outwards they provide a great deal of additional space at head height.

Although there is quite an additional cost in having a Dormer loft conversion, the extra space that this provides along with extra lighting makes a significant difference to the whole loft conversion.  For this reason provided that the expense falls within your budget, it is well worth getting a Dormer conversion over a standard loft conversion.

The process to construct a Dormer loft in Kingswood
Make sure that your building plans are validated prior to beginning work.  This gives you the peace of mind that all your planning permission is in order.

Installing trimmer joists.  Constructing a Dormer loft conversion involves cutting an aperture into the roof and so timber roof supports as well as modification of the roof rafters will be required both above and below the aperture.  Spanning the top and the base of the Dormer frame reinforced steel joists will be placed so as to take the weight of the window and the ceiling.

Vertical timbers are attached onto the existing roof rafters each side of the aperture.  Onto these the Dormer walls are built utilising special washers that grip the vertical timbers. The Dormer roof can either be flat which is the most common thing that people have done or in some cases an apex roof can be built. In this will normally be dependent upon the design of the property as well as the budget at your disposal.

Insulating the Dormer as the doorman will be exposed to all weather conditions, it is important that it is fully insulated. To achieve this insulate teen tidying is incorporated around the Dormer frame and then the outside of the Dormer is then clad in roofing materials which will be kept in line with the rest of the roof.

Insulating board. The standard insulating board that is used in the construction of Dormer loft conversions is a foil backed 250 mm thick board. This is designed so that it retains the maximum amount of heat possible inside the loft conversion.

The Dormer window

The Dormer window will be a double glazed window with a frame made either in solid wood or UPVC and it is installed into the gable end of the Dormer.

This was a brief overview of what is involved in building a Dormer loft, but there is more to tell than this.